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In this article we will explore the new cultural paradigm that could be brought by the future colonization of the Moon or Mars. For this, we will project ourselves several decades into the future, when humanity could have settlements outside its original cradle.


Public sector in space exploration: Many projects are on the run. For the Moon colozination, NASA want to build a permanent lunar outpost able to shelter four people by 2024. The China National Space Administration (CNSA), also wants to settle on the Moon with a permanent base by 2025-2030, to explore it and to extract helium 3. Europe is also in the run, with the European Space Agency (ESA) project to provide 3D printing technology for lunar habitats manufacturing.

Private sector in space exploration: There are many private companies actively participating in the Moon colonization. For exemple, Blue Origin (a company founded by Jeff Bezos), or SpaceX lead by Elon Musk, which seeks to make Mars colonization possible by establishing a permanent, self-sustaining colony on the Red Planet within the next 50 to 100 years.

Current cultural impact of space exploration: Space exploration is currently generating a wide commitment in social media and regular media (click here for more), as you may periodically see internationals news about the last space progress.

Idea shot:

Even if Moon or Mars colonization projects are yet quite dreamful, day to day we are approaching the mythic moment of humankind permanent settle on another object of the solar system. The future wealth that these colonies could potentially produce could push all our species towards the space conquest. These colonies, however small they may be at the beginning, will quickly become big technical, media, and financial hubs (see the planetary jump principle article) for the entire human civilization — places producing a new type of culture.

Certainly, the generated scientific, social and cultural content will have a strong media coverage and will captivate Eath population interest. This will be a true revolution.

There will surely be a massive and sensational exportion of everything that will be done there, such as scientific discoveries, the settlers way of life, their daily occupations and then, the produced cultural and artistic content export. These women and men will become living icons, embodying the triumph of the humankid dreams. They will have to learn to carry out their mission under the watchful eyes of humanity, while becoming similar to stars of reality TV-shows.

In this new environment, all that will be achieved will have a historical meaning, stimulating the whole of humanity towards the same ideal.

Open to thoughts:

The success guarantee of the cultural content coming from the future martian and lunar colonies draws the outlines of a new economy. Commercially speaking, great actors and brands have every interests in positioning themselves into it, which could justify private sector investment in space exploration.

We can easily imagine the visibility advantages that such a media bomb incubator would provides — with success guarantee granted by the content origin. We can suppose adequetaly that a powerful economic engine will emerge from this future buzzer: a huge advertising market with high potential for artistic, scientific, commercial or political content.

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